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A little about me...

Hi, I'm Sarah Dale,


I’m a passionate, self-taught, home baker.

Daley Bakes was founded at the end of the first lockdown in 2020, I began baking and donating cakes to deserving individuals nominated by the good people of Portishead, trying to lift people’s spirits whilst we were all going through a difficult time.


I received such amazing feedback and encouragement that I took the step to start my own baking business which focuses on baking fresh, delicious, made to order goods that make people smile.


The available range covers most things from cookies to pasties and cakes using my own traditional style recipes. 


My baked goods are made freshly every day with high quality ingredients and ideally need to be ordered 48 hours in advance to make sure I can meet your needs, although if it’s a treat emergency just get in touch and I’ll see what I can do.

​​So whether you’re looking for a heart-warming pasty, beautiful frosted cupcake or a spectacular celebration cake, come and take a look inside and see whether you want to treat someone, or maybe just treat yourself.

Contact me today for a tasty and delicious experience!

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